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Build self-awareness to manage your mindset. 

Get Prepared, Stay Focused, Win!

 Self-management for your best performance.

Winning Match

What You Get

  • A guide to self-awareness

  • We give you a personalized map of your ......

  • Manage distractions that can lead to costly mistakes.

  • Understand how to best out of your training program.

  • Give your coach a guide to best coach you.

Judo Match

What We Do

Our breakthrough algorithms produces better competitors.

 The iMap Combat Sport map successful maps pathways to personal management of emotions, feelings and thinking.

An athlete's uniqueness is revealed in our short questionnaire. It shows behaviors, reactions and stressors of the individual competitor.

The map is accompanied by specific solutions.


Who It Is For

Athletes: The iMap Combat Sports Map is for anyone looking to achieve their personal best in the sports of wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and all other mixed martial arts.

Coaches: Transform and advance your program by working smarter and understanding your athletes better.

Parents: Gaining a deeper understanding of your athlete can help parents be more impactful in their support and provide the necessary encouragement to help their child thrive in their sport.

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