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Group Seflie

Elevate yourself and your company with iMap Business Golf

Master the Course of Sucess

Escape the boardroom and tee off for success. Designed to help build teamwork, leadership and success through the game of golf.

Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy

Why Golf?

With its emphasis on strategy, decision-making, and relationship-building, golf provides a unique opportunity to sharpen the skills necessary for success in the corporate world.


  1. Having a clear plan of attack and making decisions based on the conditions at hand are essential in both golf and business.

  2. Both require focus and the ability to perform under pressure, whether executing a shot or navigating a high-stakes business deal.

  3. Effective communication and building strong relationships are also critical components of success in both golf and business, whether it's with playing partners and caddies or colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.


By recognizing these parallels, individuals can use their golfing experiences to enhance their professional skills and drive success in both arenas.

Golf Player

What Makes Us Unique

Our program design is centered around a fundamental principle that sets us apart: the recognition of self-awareness as the key to unlocking both individual and corporate success


Our mission is to unleash the personal potential of every participant, creating a ripple effect that enhances team dynamics and drives organizational achievements.


By accurately identifying key performance attributes and offering tailored strategies to leverage this newfound knowledge, our programs elevate performance levels and fuels success.

Golf Balls

What You Get

 The iMap Golf Map is for all golfers of every level.


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